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Does P & H Inspection provide Non-Destructive Testing?

No, P & H Inspection does not provide Non-Destructive Testing. P & H Inspection does have qualified inspectors to review most Non-Destructive Testing.

Where are P & H Inspection's Inspectors located?

P & H Inspection has inspectors located in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

Will P & H inspection provide coverage to other areas in Western Canada?

Yes, inspectors will travel from Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. Travel expenses for transportation and accommodations are reimbursed at cost.

Does P & H Inspection provide Safety Codes Inspectors?

No, P & H is not accredited to perform Safety Codes inspections.

Does P & H Inspection Services have WCB coverage?

Yes, P & H Inspection has up to date WCB coverage.

Does P & H Inspection carry general liability insurance?

Yes, P & H Inspection does carry liability insurance coverage.